Add script function

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Zabbix has “script” function to execute user-defined script from web interface. It is very useful to check device or service status, execute custom scripts, restart server, and so on.

The script function will be able to use on Mozaby 1.4 screen. Scripts are listed on host screen, and result of the script is displayed on new screen. It can be available from iPhone to check what is happened on your devices which has problem.

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Add cache option

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Before 1.3.1, Mozaby get all data (hosts, items, triggers, events) when the reload button is tapped. The “full cache” behavior is good for off-line, but it makes heavy load to Zabbix server and it takes a long time if your Zabbix server has a lot of configuration.

Cache option will be added on Mozaby 1.4. If you turn off the full cache, Mozaby get only true triggers and event information, and get other information (ex. list of item) when you are request. This will improve the performance of Mozaby with large setup Zabbix server.

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Display settings for trigger and event screen

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Mozaby 1.3 has display settings for Problem Triggers and Latest Event screen.


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Graph support

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Mozaby 1.2 will support graph view. Graph view is displayed on the history screen when iPhone is turned to landscape mode.

The tooltip which show details of data include date and time is shown when you tap the point of the data.

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Orientation support

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Mozaby 1.2 will support orientation. Both of portrait and landscape view will be supported for all screen.

Landscape view is useful for long item and trigger name or log and text history.

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Acknowledgement function

Posted by: on Aug 19, 2011 in | One Comment

I have just finished development of acknowledgement function.

“Ack” button is displayed on the top right corner on events and host events screen.

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