Add debug mode

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Debug mode will be added on Mozaby 1.3.1.

I already have been reported “endless loading” issue from some person (Thank you for the information!), but I have not been able to reproduce it on my test environment so far.

So, I add debug option for Mozaby. Please send me the debug information if your Mozaby doesn’t work.

Debug Setting

Not display unnecessary triggers

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Triggers which have disabled and not supported item are displayed in Mozaby 1.2 or before.

Problem Triggers screen with unnecessary trigger

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Timeout and Loading bug

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Mozaby 1.0 has a timeout handler bug. The problem is possibly occurred if the Zabbix server has a lot of configurations or the server load is heavy.

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Phone number detection bug

Posted by: on Jul 15, 2011 in | 17 Comments

Mozaby 1.0 has a bug detection of phone number automatically.

In history screen, Mozaby misunderstands huge numeric data as a phone number. This bug will be fixed in Mozaby 1.1.

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